the patholagy reports on both the flight crew and passengers determind that they regaind conciosnes after falling 15000ft and comming into oxygen rich air. the captin had distinct marks on his thumbs leading the pathologist to belive he was pulling hard on the yoke still tryn to fly the crippeld jet untill impact with the ground. never knowing he had no jet to fly

This magnifisent airliner now sits rotting away in a north england scrapyard!

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 Lockerbie december 1988 Pan Am 747 N739PA flight 103 came raining down from 5 miles up. The number 3 engine burying its self into the tarmac with the force of its fall. The flight crew and 1st class passengers along with one barely alive air stewardress still in the nose section.

Sequence of disintegration.rtf Sequence of disintegration.rtf
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9 Secondary disintegration.rtf 9 Secondary disintegration.rtf
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Detachment of forward fuselage.rtf Detachment of forward fuselage.rtf
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