Welcome to air disasters info this site will take you on board some of aviations most poignant air crashes of the last 60 years. All information has been gained through extensive research and has been crossed checked with the AAIB (UK) the NTSB (USA) and the relevant countries governing bodies in which the disaster happened

These are the stories of those airliners and their passengers

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 This video shows the complete break up of Pan Am 103 over lockerbie scotland in 1988. The result of an explosive device being detonated in the forward cargo hold.

This animation shows the breakup of twa 800 over the north atlantic near east marituis after an over pressure of the center wing fuel tank caused the detatchment of the forward fulalarge

As with most major accidents and incidents there are and probably always will be the conspiracy theories. On this site we will look at all the evidence for each disarster. from eye witness accounts to lost evidence from missiles to on board militry ordnance . we may never get to the truth but here you will be given the chance to see all accounts from both sides..                               


               YOU DECIDE!! FINAL REPORT OR COVER UP ??????????


The aircraft at the top of this page is a stark testement to the demise of pan am. N747 PA juean trip the 2nd 747 to be built and pan ams first 747 has spent the last 13 years  in  south korea as a restuarnt and now a church ? a some what sad end for such an iconic aircraft.


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